30 Things That Cheer Me Up

Sad bad days, go away. Here’s my ultimate list of things that help take my mind away from sulky feels, bad feelings & gloomy bones. A list to help refresh my day & add a bolt of positivity! I hope this list helps you too!

  1. Change my outfit to nice clean, fresh clothes

  2. Drink water

  3. Watch a Gilmore Girls episode

  4. Take a shower or bath while playing music

  5. Brush my teeth

  6. Do my hair and makeup for no reason

  7. Listening to Disney soundtracks

  8. Take a nap on a silk pillow

  9. Practice yoga

  10. Tidying my house

  11. Calling my mum

  12. Taking time for myself

  13. Staring at afternoon light in my bedroom

  14. Reading a cute DM

  15. Getting mail

  16. Re-decorating a room

  17. Paolo bringing me my favourite snacks

  18. Get my nails done

  19. Hang fairy lights

  20. Light a candle

  21. Plan a trip

  22. Treat myself to a face mask or hair mask

  23. Watch a film that I’ve had on my ‘to-watch’ list for a long time

  24. Catch up on podcasts

  25. Work on my Bullet journal

  26. Eat dumplings

  27. Cuddle with Paolo

  28. Eat toast!

  29. Play Mario Kart

  30. Listen to dreamy tunes like Lana Del Rey, Billie Eilish & Lorde

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