Baby Spy Diary

Ft. My Dear Ellie Headband

Ft. My Dear Ellie Headband


There’s a ladybug kicking in my tummy and she’s 25 weeks. A sagittarius in the making, due a week before my most favourite time. This time is passing so quickly. We know Christmas always comes around so quickly each year, that I think if little spy was due at any other point then time would surely move slower.

1 AM mornings, I sometimes whisper to Paolo “Can you believe we’re having a ladybug?” I expect him to be in as much disbelief as me, but he always replies so surely, “Yes.” I can always depend on this Taurus moon. He says his goodnights to me, like always, but now adds one for little spy.

My days are quiet and I feel my creativity replenished but calm. I haven’t been working anymore. These structure-less days are still foreign to me. Some mornings I write, some I sew or take photos. Some I don’t know what to do, and so I just close my eyes. I hope I am taking enough care of this ladybug.

Nursery planning has consumed my afternoon hours. Paolo paints and my dad comes over to answer all my questions about building things that I don’t understand. I feel myself overwhelmed with all the loves I want to share with little spy - I buy her books from the markets, and dolls that she can tell her secrets to. I want her space to be full of loves & a place for her curiosities to grow.

Nursery Notes

Notes from my planning stages of baby spy’s nursery.


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