What To Wear - Halloween

Although Halloween is not particularly celebrated in Australia like it is in other countries, that won’t stop me dreaming up not-so-spooky outfits.

Halloween Look No.1
Coraline JOnes


Blue haired and freckled faced. Irritated by grown ups. Always curious and seeking mystery. Bold and brave.

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Halloween Look no.2
Sabrina Spellman


In the town of Greendale, where it always feels like Halloween, there lived a girl who is half-witch, half-mortal, who, on her 16th birthday, would have to choose between two worlds: the witch world of her family, and the human world of her friends. My name is Sabrina Spellman, and that girl is me.

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Halloween Look no.3
Shooting Star


Must sparkle always. Tells old stories. Enchants everyone around them. Only wishes for the best. Good listener. Twinkle in her eye.

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Halloween Look No. 4
Cosy Witch


Autumnal being. Apartment filled with house plants. Carries her potions in recycled water bottles. Grows her own food. Friendly with the neighbourhood cat, adopts him as her own.

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Halloween Look no.5
Juliet Capulet

shethespy-halloween-juliet 2.gif

Perfumes of rose scent. Endless nights staring on your balcony, star crossed lovers. Braids her hair each night before bed. For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo.

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Comment your favourite look - 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5?

What To Wear - Austen Heroine

Practicing piano at 2:30am in the morning. Waiting on the porch until the next letter arrives and then running to a quiet place to read it’s contents. Creaky floorboards. Antique hairbrush, combing out tangles before falling asleep. Candlelight secrets. A list of words to use more often.

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