How To Feel Like Luna Lovegood

Luna // lost belongings. Flowers between her toes. Long white hair. Clouds in the shape of bunnies. Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure. A dreamer.


Develop a thick-skin

Don’t take things to heart. See through the names, and looks people give you. Be confident in yourself.


WEar shoes to bed

‘I’ve never been to this part of the castle. At least not while awake. I sleep walk, you see. That’s why I wear shoes to bed.’


Make whimsical & creative fashion choices

Don’t be afraid of colour and whimsy.


be loyal to your friends

Be there for your friends through & through. Be empathetic and understanding.


be kind to others

.. even when they are mean to you.


believe ten impossible things before breakfast

However wonderfully weird they may be.


Practice positivity

Always see the bright side.


grow your hair long

Let it be wild and silver.


let yourself daydream

When life gets dull, fall into a daydream.



Luna has no filter. Bring up awkwardness and point out the elephant in the room.

My Style

Happy Monday lovelies. I thought I’d log my current signature style. These are my go-to elements for any outfit. You’ll always spot me wearing at least one of these at any given time.


Midi Skirt + Sneakers

The go-to combination when I want to look stylish & clean but I want to be super comfy. This combo always reminds me of Copenhagen. I just remember people watching there, and when all the locals would go home from work, the girls would be wearing midi skirts with sneakers and a tee or blazer and riding on their bicycle home. It just looked so effortless.

Shop the skirt | Shop the sneaker


Gold hoops + locket

The dreamiest of jewellery! Lockets are ever so magic and are a must for enchanting living. (Make sure to put a special something inside, close to your heart). I love wearing this pairing of jewellery.

Shop the locket | Shop the hoops


Dress + Tee

My little secret combination. The only way I get enough wear out of my dresses. It’s a super cute way to dress down the dresses you don’t wear much. And the combinations are endless. I normally pair with sneakers.

Shop the dress | Shop the tee


Striped Sweater

My autumn & winter staple. I buy these as knitted tops, big oversized jumpers and neatly fitted. So I can wear them with almost everything. With jeans & sneakers, paired with a midi skirt, underneath overalls etc. They are just so fun.



Why did these ever become out of fashion? I never pull my hair into a ponytail without one.

Shop the scrunchie set



Honestly the easiest piece of clothing I own. Wear with any tee or any jumper. Layer with cardigans or tights. They always make cute outfits. I own pairs in every colour hehe.


Add Freckles

When I want to be cute ha. (I just really wish I had them). See how I do them here.

How To Feel Like Rory Gilmore

A fun little guide to one of my favourite characters. Note: Be yourself.


Always carry a book with you

Rory Gilmore: The voice for bookworms. See her reading list here!


Don’t pay attention to your peers

You do you! Don’t let anybody make you doubt yourself.


only eat take out food

It’s your main food group.


study hard

Make study a habit. You’re an ‘A’ student.


wear earth tones & turtle necks

A little corduroy wouldn’t hurt either!


be best friends with your mum

AKA your guidepost for everything. She filled your house with love and fun and books and music.


wear very little makeup

Own the fresh face look. Just a little lip gloss is enough.


drink Coffee

“Coffee, coffee, coffee!” Your need for caffeine is real.


dream about travelling the world

Backpack through Europe, explore Asia & see Fez, Morocco.


find nothing exciting before 11 am

You only wake up early if you have to.

5 Tips For A Cohesive Instagram Feed

How to establish a cohesive & consistent Instagram theme is a topic I get asked about quite a bit. I'm spilling my secrets with all my tips on how to curate your instagram and maintain the theme. 


1/ Use a feed planning app

It can be difficult to achieve a consistent theme without planning out your feed first. I use the app UNUM to rearrange my photos in a grid before posting. Another app you can use is Planoly.


2/ Use the same filter on all your posts

Edit all your posts with the same filter to keep them cohesive. Apps like VSCO and Lightroom have options to copy and paste the same filter onto new photos so you don't need to start from scratch each time.


3/ use colour as a motif

Featuring the same colour throughout the majority of your photos can also draw all your posts together. The stricter you are with this, the more cohesive your feed will look. Spread out photos that don't fit this colour scheme.


4/ Match your whites

Take a look at the white tones in your photos and compare them in your planning stage. You can create a consistent theme by making sure all the white tones match each other.


5/ Use Negative Space

Negative space is the space that surrounds your main subject. Increase this space in your photos or alternate negative space images with close ones in your planning app. This gives your feed a fresh, less cluttered look.

45 Bullet Journal Ideas

Being a fairly new to bullet journalling, I am in constant search for cute layouts ideas. Always getting lost into the pinterest abyss and 15 hours into youtube 'Bullet Journal Plan With Me' videos. Here are a list of 50 page ideas, and some visual inspiration! 

  1. Monthly goals

  2. Travel bucket list

  3. Weekly routine

  4. Fitness tracker

  5. No spend activity list 

  6. Memories page

  7. Netflix tracker

  8. Birthdays & holidays

  9. Favourite quotes list

  10. Go-to meal recipes

  11. Film reviews

  12. Playlist ideas

  13. Water tracker

  14. Cleaning schedule

  15. Conversations you overheard

  16. Mood tracker

  17. Gratitude page

  18. Pen test page

  19. A week in photos

  20. Episode reactions

  21. Lunar calendar

  22. Writing prompt page

  23. Monthly budget

  24. Idle time to-do list

  25. Grade tracker

  26. Habit tracker

  27. Gift ideas

  28. Expenses tracker

  29. Nail polish collection

  30. Healthy eating tracker

  31. Follower milestone tracker

  32. Skincare Routine

  33. Favourite lyrics

  34. Class timetable

  35. Shopping list

  36. Happy list

  37. Restaurants and cafes list

  38. Study plan

  39. Interesting words page

  40. Pressed flower collection

  41. Monthly mood board

  42. A thought a day

  43. DIY ideas

  44. Guilty pleasure list

  45. Blog post ideas list