About the spy

Joey is the spy; follow the musings of the Australian freelancing creative behind the studio 'We The Spies'. Her blog 'She The Spy', launched in July 2017, is a place where she can share her style obsessions, moments and travels.


Aquarius sun & moon. Aries rising.

Are you married?

Yes. I married Paolo on the 26th November 2016. We have been together since 15 years old.

Where are you from?

Sydney, Australia

How do you make your templates & collages?

I use the desktop program, adobe photoshop, for my creations. The font above is my handwriting, created using my iPad pro & adobe sketch. I am a professional working graphic designer. I don’t use any apps to make these.

How do you EDIT YOUR PHOTOS & what camera do you use?

I edit my photos using my own Lightroom presets. You can purchase my presets from my shop here.
I take my photos on my canon 5d mark iii & video on my canon g7x.

How do you earn money?

I work as a freelance graphic designer and photographer. I run a design studio called ‘We The Spies’. I also earn money as a content creator on instagram, and through my online store.